SL BAR 510

The SL BAR 510 offers greater creative freedom by delivering exceptional output from multiple blended sources. Each of the four homogenized RGBW LED cells deliver flat, even, fully blended washes of color. This high output LED luminaire easily adapts to any production environment as it retains a traditional light source appearance. The SL BAR 510, SL BAR 520 and SL NITRO 510 can all be interconnected.

  • 60° or 28° beam angle

  • 3347 lumens (RGBW 60°)

  • Compact overall dimensions allow installation in tight spaces

  • Harmonize color calibration

  • Built-in color pre-sets, effects and chases

  • 8 or 16-bit smooth stepless fades

  • Remote configuration available via RDM

  • Quick connect system

  • Pixel control

  • Two year limited warranty